My advertising blocker

World wide became the first product of the TCU AG - the Fernseh-Fee - admits by the unique TV-advertisement blocker and he child protective function, which automatically zap with freely selectable topics and jump back afterwards automatically again into the origin channel.

Conventional nerve killing advertisement breaks will not no more give thus with Tvoon.

The advertising fading out functions not only during recordings (which saves much place), but - and that is world-wide unique - also in the Live enterprise.

During that advertising tracing gives it different possibilities:

locking Enamels , sufing in the Web, zap better channels.

In each case you don’t miss it, when the film continues.

Advertising-Signal server is now 24*365 in use.

Here you see the result of students, who mark the beginning and above all the end of each advertising spot in real time:

The difference to other TV Werbeblockern

Fading out TV advertisement is the core authority of the TCU AG. We developed here much for the benefit of the viewer. In former times the advertising blocking signal was distributed country widely by over 100 UKW masts, today it is available world-wide over Internet free of charge.

Only with the TC-System you can get your living room really advertising-free, or protect your children against 0190er advertisement or provide directly advertising-free recorder photographs.

TC offers world-wide the only system to the REAL-TIME advertising fading out. The Spot is thus immediately faded out, identified.

Other procedures:

a) Timeshift-Rrecorders promise likewise gladly the feature "advertising blocker", but discreetly that it is only possible for up-to-date for some time the looked channel, to "skip" advertisement, besides you must watch the TV with time delay. As soon as one switches the advertising Skip function is off. - > Details

* Besides: A time SHIFT recorder is free of charge integrated in the TVOON Media Center.

b) Additional cut lists:
Here you can later download cut lists from the Internet against fee for certain transmitters and for certain times, which set the markings, which need you for on special cut average then the Trenscoding of the films without advertising blocks.

Foreseen of it that already the free MovieMaker automatically recognizes scene changes and thus advertising blocks, the free TVOON records the films directly advertising-free.

c) Hardware advertising blocker:
Occasionally small boxes of new in each case manufacturer emerge in the specialized trade that can fade out allegedly advertisement. Oh which would be that beautifully? We would immediately buy a sentence of it and for us the costs of the manual production of our signals would save. Unfortunately these boxes work usually with Logo recognition and last it here then not for a long time, until the transmitters react and amend their Logo. We know here no durably functioning system.

Advertising-free DVD photographs:
Besides you can stop and start your DVD recorder with the infrared price increase of TVOON also in the living room suitably the advertising blocks. Thus doubly as much films fit on a blank.

More about TV-Advertising blocker and the five-year court controversy against the TV-Channel RTL (won to 24.6.2004 before the BGH) is on the web page of the TCU AG.